Tuesday, 11 July 2017

What is the Difference Between iOS and Android?

The primarily used operating systems in mobile technology are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These are being frequently used in tablets and smartphones. In iOS, generally the basic features are highly customization from the top to bottom while the Google Android, that is partly open source and Linux based, is much PC like.  The uniform designs of iOS are regarded to be more user friendly.
Let’s have a close view of the difference between iOS and Andorid.

Developer: iOS was initially released on July 29, 2007 by Apple while Android was developed later on in 2008 in the month of September by Google.

Customizability: In case of iOS, there is limited customizability while Android takes the lead in this regard by providing the maximum customizability where you are allowed to change almost everything with so much ease.

File Transfer: One finds much difficulty in transferring media files in iOS. The media files are transferred through the iTunes desktop application. For the photos to be transferred, USB is required. On the contrary to it, Android provides amazing flexibility for the transfer of media files. Android File Transfer desktop app and USB port allow the transferring of files.

         Calls and Messaging: Both iOS and Android support  calling and messaging on 3rd party apps such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Google Duo. FaceTime and iMessage are specific for iOS.

     OS family: Linux is the operating system family of Android while iOS is the member of OS X and UNIX family in terms of  the operating system.

      Languages: Available languages of Android are 32 in number while iOS enjoys having 34 languages.
      File Manager: There is no facility of file manager in iOS. Android has the file manager facility for its users.

      Security: When it comes to security, it is seen that the majority of the people will never encounter any sort of problem with malware in case of iOS. It is just because foe the applications they never go outside the Play Store. Older iOS devices are updated with the support of Apple’s software. Updates are frequently available in Android. 

      Even it is observed that the majority of Android devices does not seem to run at any given time as the manufacturers are often tending to lag behind in pushing out the updates. Hence, the updated fully patched softwares stuck on Android devices at that time.

      Photos and Videos Backup: With the iCloud,one gets the opportunity to enjoy the automatic backup of approx. 5GB of videos and photos. The vendors like Dropbox, Flickr, Amazon, Google and Microsoft let the users relish auto backup applications for Android and iOS. Android has apps for the automatic backup of videos and photos. If you choose the option of low resolution for Google Photos then it allows you the fabulous unlimited back up for the photos.

These differences between the top operating systems are ample for you to make a sagacious choice and choose the leading one that facilitates you and lets you get the optimum performance. 

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