Monday, 17 July 2017

Top Features of iPhone 7 – Read from Bottom to End a Miracle of Latest Technology

Starting from the design to the technology, immense importance has been given to each and every feature of Apple iPhone 7. As an outcome of it, the heartthrob masterpiece of Apple, iPhone 7, hit the market and within no time, it rocks the world of technology.

 Everyone has an extreme inclination to have this top class iPhone and relish the exciting features of it. The ever rising sales graph of iPhone 7 is the proof of its worth.
The closer look at the impeccable features of iPhone 7 would reveal why it has become the beat of millions of heart.

Retina HD Display:

The display of iPhone 7 is the brightest and most colorful. The Retina HD display of this brilliant iPhone 7 results is 25% brighter screen. Not only this, but it is also capable to effectively display a wider color gamut.

7MP Face Time HD Camera:

The 7 MP Face Time HD camera of iPhone 7 has got a canter of attention. It has got the new and impressive front-facing camera that boosts up the 7MP sensor.

Rear Facing Camera:

iPhone 7 features a 12MP sensor with OIS. It allows you to take crisp photos having vibrant colours. It does not fade the pictures in low light. Moreover, the quad LED True Tone Flash has been incorporated which perfectly adjusts the colour temperature of the environment. 

Ultimately, sharper and brighter photos are obtained. For many people, the camera is the sole feature of their phone. iPhone 7 is the best choice in terms of camera and also provides promising features that are admirable.

Powerful A10 Fusion Chip:

With the release of each successive iPhone, immense improvement in performance and speed is observed. The blazing fast A10 Fusion chip would take your experience to the next level. This quad-core chip impressively provides 2 times faster performance than that of iPhone 6 in terms of performance while, in terms of graphics, it is 3 times better than iPhone 6. Great improvement! Admirable!


Battery Life:

The feature that can never be neglected is battery life. Two hours additional battery life is provided by the iPhone 7 in many of the emergency scenarios. Although the battery life is improved, yet the thickness remains the same.  It allows 3G browsing for 12 hours and LTE browsing for 12 hours and Wi-Fi browsing for 14 hours.

Water and Splash Resistant:

iPhone 7 is no doubt worthy to be the prime selection of quality lovers. It is entirely water and dust resistant. Hence, no need to worry about it while enjoying in the rain. Fantastic!

Faster LTE Speed:

LTE speed of iPhone 7 is 3 times faster than that of iPhone 6. 450 Mbps is the download speed of iPhone 7 which is due to its faster LTE speed.

Meticulous exterior to top class technology, Apple iPhone 7 is just a fine finish by Apple. Grab your iPhone now to enjoy the latest apps and an amazing experience of world-class technology.

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