Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Features That iPhone Users Will Like

Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing smartphone. It has many new features that are newly introduced by Samsung in SamsungGalaxy S6. Its design is remarkable, it is made up of steel rather than Samsung`s old phones which are made up of plastic. It is a huge improvement and it doesn’t feel cheap because it is not made up of steel, not like previous models of Samsung. Here are five features Samsung Galaxy S6 that iPhone users will like.

Build Quality:

Build quality of Samsung Galaxy S6 is very much improved from previous models. Samsung Galaxy S6 got “premium strips”. It is made up of Gorilla Glass 4 on its back along with aluminum sheets. Due to its brilliant build quality, you will love to use it. Its processor is better than S5 that’s why many people who love to use iPhone will like to use it too.
Its quality is improved so the iPhone lovers who never like Samsung before, they gonna love Samsung Galaxy S5. It has Touch Wiz which is simply awesome. It has brilliant features like a heart-rate monitor, S Health, S Voice, Screen casting, NFC, cloud printing, download booster, multi-window built-in themes, easy mode, private mode and a fingerprint scanner which make it a better smartphone.

Fingerprint Scanner:

Samsung Galaxy S6 has many sensors but its amazing feature is “Fingerprint Scanner” which takes care of your privacy. Its scanner is better than previous model Samsung Galaxy S5. Its finger print scanner is comparable to Apple`s touch ID.
Unlocking your Galaxy S6 with is very fast and also reliable like Apple`s Touch ID. Though new iPhone users may not find it surprising but remaining in a limited budget, Samsung Galaxy can be your best choice.

Quick Camera Launch:

Everybody wants to capture the moments fast. And Samsung Galaxy S6 has the ability to assist you to capture your memorable moments fast, by just double clicking on a home button. And if you’re capturing and your phone is locked, you can approach camera with just one gesture.
It doesn’t matter where you are on your phone you can quickly get to the camera in seconds. This is the only thing that one could wish to steal by Apple for its iPhones. And this result in amazing memorable clicks and captions.

Flipboard Integration:

Apple`s news comes with IOS while here you can get aware of all news with just one slide gesture. All the news are just one slide away. Samsung Galaxy S5 allows you a quick access to news. The news is easy to approach. Flip board integration is right within the home screen interface.

True Side-by-side Multitasking:

Samsung Galaxy S6 allows you multitasking. If you’re watching a video you can also do messaging along with it or any other task. iOs 9 has the same feature in Apple iPods but on this small device, this feature seems awesome. Only one thing that I wish Apple should have on their iPhones too. iPhone with this feature will be amazing.


Of course, there are many features and things that iPhone has better and we talk about them all the time but I think it would be nice to talk about all the things which are getting better day by day in Samsung`s smartphones. All the features that are discussed above, I bet iPhone users will love all those features.

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